News from Latin America

Peru 7-18-2017 drug busts along on the Colombian border

It is apparent that drug cartels prefer to establish bases of operation in remote areas. There are no prying eyes in these areas. The ideal location is jungle hideouts close to the border between countries, a no man’s land. In these locations, drug operations have flourished. In a joint operation with their Colombian counterparts, Peruvian security forces have raided secretive drug operations in the region of Putumayo Peru. The latest raid resulted in the arrest of 40 people who were mostly Colombian nationals. President Vizarra has visited the region. He and others expressed concerns that dissident FARC members who have not laid down their arms are trying to establish drug bases across the border. Colombian terrorists have funded their operations for decades using money generating from the drug trade.

Mexico 7-16-2018 public officials are about to have their pay cut

President-elect Lopez Obrador is set to implement his austerity program. He plans to ear less than what his predecessor Nieto earns. Obrador says he wants the budget to reach everyone. No public official will earn more than he does during his term in office. He does not want to reduce salaries further. Incoming cabinet members are leaving academic and corporate jobs will they ear more. Lopez Obrador wants them to earn a decent living. Also, he is eliminated by high-level perks such as private health insurance, bodyguards, and chauffeurs. The presidential residence will be converted into a cultural center. Ex-presidents will no longer receive pensions. As part of his campaign to eliminate corruption, public officials will have to disclose their assets and holdings. Corruption will be considered as a serious office.

Argentina, 7-15-2018, national soccer coach is fired

The World Cup games have come to an end. France defeated Croatia, which was a surprised opponent, to take home the winner’s trophy.  Croatia wound up in the finals by simply winning its matches. Argentina, the 2014 runner-up, was bounced from the tournament by France. Coach Jorge Sampaoli who guided the team to a dismal showing was fired. Though the Argentina Football Association’s statement said that the parting was mutual, observers believe that Sampaoli was fired. Argentines were clamoring for his resignation or firing. After the loss to Croatia, Sampaoli took responsibility for the horrible play of his team and asked the country’s fans to forgive him. He had previously headed the Chilean national team and the Sevilla Club team. Argentina looked outclass on the field. Its players appeared to be a step slower than its opponents. The legendary Argentine player Diego Maradona predicted Sampaoli’s ouster as head of the team.