News from Africa

Libya 7-18-2018 who should rescue migrants in distress?

Over the last few years, hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea in hopes of reaching Europe. Most of these Africans are from the sub-Sahara region. They flee their countries for many reasons. The migrants first must face dangers travelling over land before their arrival at the Libyan coast.  The news and social media have reported how hundreds of immigrants have perished will trying to cross the Sea. Many migrants attempt to make the crossing in unseaworthy boats. Hundreds have drowned, and others have been lost, never to again be seen. For these courageous illegal travelers, Italy is there main destination. NGOs participating in rescue missions accuse the Libyan government of intentionally failing to come to the aid of migrants in distress on the high seas. Italy has said that the Libyan Coastguard has the principal responsibility coming to the aid of those close to its soil. The real problem that must be addressed is once the migrants are rescued, what should be done with them. Libya has made it clear that they will not accept the migrants.

Egypt 7-16-2018 immunity for high military officials

President Mohammed Morsi was overthrown. His Islamic Brotherhood members were persecuted relentlessly. During the aftermath of the coup, the army executed a brutal crackdown. Between July 2013 and June 2014, nearly a 1000 protesters were killed. Thousands more were imprisoned or detained. Many mass trails were held and those found guilty were executed. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is cognizant of the fact that he might not be able to control public opinion or legal process especially outside of the country. The parliament has passed a law that will protect senior military officials for the acts during the crackdown. They will not be prosecuted internally and hopefully not externally either. The president will have to the power to select military members lifelong reserve status. Importantly, the officers will be given the status of ministers in the government. They will have diplomatic immunity. It is believed that the real intent of the law is to prevent prosecution by the ICC or foreign governments. The officers will be protected when they travel.

Tanzania, 7-15-2018, prisoners should be kicked into action

President Magufili has offered controversy advice on how to properly treat prisoners. He has ordered that they are made to work day and night. Conjugal visits will come to an end. Lazy inmates should be kicked into becoming active. The President announced his decisions and offered his comments at the installation the new prison’s chief Faustine Kasike. “It is a shame for the country to continue to feed prisoners.” All the prisons have fields that must be cultivated by inmates. He noted for the audience that many workers at the prisons did not have homes. This, according to President Magufili, shows that the prisoners don’t have it so bad. His message was clear that prisoners are being punished and not on vacation. He drew a correlation between underemployment and drug use and homosexuality. Right groups have criticized bulldozer’s comments. The president has been harshly criticized by human rights groups for suppressing freedom of speech and other universal observed rights.